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نامه انگلیسی سازمان جوانان کمونیست و دعوت از شخصیت های بین المللی جنبش ضد دین برای حمایت از سینا دهقان، حمایت از آزادی بی قید و شرط بیان و حمایت از بی خدایان در ایران

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نامه انگلیسی سازمان جوانان کمونیست و دعوت از شخصیت های بین المللی جنبش ضد دین برای حمایت از سینا دهقان، حمایت از آزادی بی قید و شرط بیان و حمایت از بی خدایان در ایران
Support Sina Dehghan, Support unconditional Freedom of Speech and Atheists in Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran is planning to execute Sina Dehghan, 21 years old, for the crime of insulting the prophet. On the 21st of October, 2015, Sina was arrested for making the comments against Islam and the Quran on the LINE instant messaging application, on his last days of compulsory military service. He was then imprisoned at the Arak Prison where he was tortured. Sina has been in Arak Prison ever since October 2015.
According to article 262 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, insulting the prophet of Islam is punishable by death. At the time of Sina’s arrest, he was not provided with his own chosen lawyer and he signed a confession with the promise that he would be freed. However, this confession was then used against him in court. Also, the security and judicial authorities pressured Sina’s family to keep quiet about the case as they suggested that it would help Sina’s chances of becoming free.
In addition to Sina Dehghan, there are two other people with the names of Mohammad Nouri and Sahar Elyasi, who are also imprisoned and sentenced to death solely for the opinions or beliefs that they expressed. In Feburary the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence for Sina Dehghan and Mohammad Nouri but reduced Sahar Elyasi’s sentence to three years in prison. These individuals were also charged for insulting the supreme leadership and sentence to 16 months in prison.
The Islamic Republic of Iran giving death sentence for the “crime” of insulting Islam and the prophet Mohammad is a sign of fear. The Islamic republic fears the generation of religion-less youth in Iran who are also questioning the authority of the regime. Despite the regime’s efforts to Islamize this generation of young people, it has instead been confronted with a tsunami of anti-religion opposition.
With your statement of unity you can let Sina Dehghan, Mohammad Nouri, and Sahar Elyasi know that they are not alone! Also that we are all against executions, and we are against religion and religious laws. The human right to free speech must be protected and must not be limited under any circumstances! Criticism and ridicule of Islam and opposition to what is religiously sacred is not a crime. The freedom of speech is an important part of being human.
Communist Youth Organization
1st April 2017

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